Special Release Album Covers

This project is a redesign of 4 album covers for the Twenty-one Pilots, made to be a special release for events such as 'record store' days, where people listen in situ to music rather than streaming. Other components of this are a matching box and band poster, making this an ideal collector's edition set.

Part of the joy of acquiring a redesigned print is the collectability and value, as well as the experience of opening the items. Therefore, I wanted this set to have a consistent design throughout all components. Due to the nature of this band, I wanted to involve parts of their songs that add to the narrative, fantasy environments and characters they have created over the years. Therefore on the albums, I have displayed the characters that are vital to the plot of their musical and imaginary journey.

The main features in this project were made using three-layer screen prints, selecting colours that are consistently found within their music videos. The poster is an ink drawing again utilising the same colours, focussing on the textures that can be created with rough painting brushes. And finally the box makes use of the different textures and colours created in the screen-printing process.